Wayne Dunn

A Letter from Wayne Dunn, Campaign Chair

News Date
11 months ago

On behalf of the Business Cares Food Drive committee, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude and thanks to the entire London community for helping us raise an incredible 435,400 pounds of food for the London Food Bank. This is an astounding 34 per cent higher than last year, in part and thanks to the addition of some key partners. Although we always set a goal of one pound more than the previous year, this campaign continues to be more about people and business giving what they can as every pound and every dollar truly is appreciated.

A Note of Thanks from Co-Chair Wayne Dunn

News Date
1 year 11 months ago

On behalf of our fabulous hard-working committee I would like to thank the entire London and area community for their huge generosity allowing us to surpass of goal of 307,800 lbs for the London Food Bank. We reported late yesterday an astonishing 325,500 lbs that came in.  

The past 48 hours were nothing short of incredible as we were tracking reasonably well with food but significantly short of cheques and with the London media assisting our efforts we managed to meet our goal and then some.