Competitive Caring? Putting the Fun in Fundraising

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Every year, we're amazed and appreciative at the level of support that Londoners show to the Business Cares Food Drive. And we know that many companies would love to get involved, but aren't sure how to start.

Everyone loves a little healthy competition and our friends at RoomRoster have some easy suggestions to help put the fun in fundraising. Incentives don't have to break the bank and it's a great way to encourage your entire team to participate in supporting the London Food Bank.

RoomRoster just kicked off its annual company-wide campaign for the Business Cares Food Drive. It runs for four weeks. Staff is segmented into four teams, by departments, and each team is required to raise a minimum of 100 items to participate. The winning team gets a $100 gift card to the restaurant of its choice.

And to encourage diversity of donations, RoomRoster has set out criteria for its donations! One can is one item; a box of 36 tampons counts as nine items).

Last year, RoomRoster participated in a company-wide drive that saw them earn rewards for hitting donation targets. From TimBits for 100 cans collected to a QDoba lunch for reaching 400 cans, RoomRoster showed you can be creative in how you encourage support for the cause!

It's just an exciting way to keep things fresh, fun, and competitive! And the ultimate winners are the people and organizations served by the London and Area Food Bank.

We'd love to hear how your company participates. Send us a note at or reach us through our Twitter feed or Facebook page!

And don't forget to register your business for this year's Business Cares Food Drive. The official kickoff is Dec. 1, 2017, but we won't tell if you get off to a head start!

An image of the food collected by RoomRoster for last year's Business Cares Food Drive.